Sunday, September 12, 2010

Soccer+Sunburn+Storms=September Saturday

Yes, everything in the title starts with an "S". :) But all those S's describe my Saturday perfectly. So, here are the S's of my Saturday :)

I went down to watch the Covenant Scots play soccer. It was an amazing game. The Scots one 3-0. Yay! It was so fun. The crowd did a lot of different cheers, we were clapping, and just having a great time. :) It was definitely a fun afternoon!

The stands were packed!

Haha, Kevin, Micah, and Jonny in their Sweden or Canadian apparel.

Emily, Megan, and I watching the game :)

So, I went to the soccer game and had a great time. It was hot, but I didn't really think anything of it... that is, until I came back to my room and looked at my arm. Oops. The sun definitely baked me a tad bit.

Definitely a farmer's um.. burn.

I love rain! And thunderstorms, ah! They're even better :) When we came back from the soccer game I got busy cleaning my room when all of a sudden it began pouring rain! It was great! I ran into Megan's room and we went out to play in the rain :) Brianna joined us and we had a blast! It was like playing in the rain in Mozambique. So fun!

The rain building up on my window. So pretty!

Getting drenched in the warm September rain. Lovely!

That is my Saturday in a nutshell–Soccer, Sunburn, and Storms. It was a really great day filled with fun, laughs, and adventures :) Definitely a good September Saturday.

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