Sunday, October 26, 2008

The First Rain!

In the States we have winter!  Cold, hot chocolate, and my personal favourite, snow! Here, on the other hand, we have the rainy season. Hot, humid and the best part of all, the rain! The rainy season is, like the name, the season where it rains. It hasn't rained for the last... I think it's been 6 months. So, Damarise, Sarah, Andrew, Ian and I said that when the first rain of the season came we would go out and play in it. The first rain came last night!! It was wonderful! It wasn't pouring, but it was rain! And it watered the dry ground and cooled down the hot temperatures! And of course we played in it! ... Well, all of us but Ian. He was hanging out with Oupa Mike. :P

Here's the four of us enjoying the nice rain! 

After a while we all went inside... but then it started raining harder. So Sarah, Andrew and I headed back out to enjoy the special treat! We had a blast singing, dancing, showing off our muscles :P (Haha!)  and just goofing off :D Thank you Lord for the rain!!!!

"Rain, rain, please stay here! Please don't leave for another year."

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Becky said...

whoa, andrews got muscles! :D hehe, he's so cute! i miss you guys