Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Room 414 or Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our home :) Damarise and I have gotten settled back down into our home, or dorm room, and I figured I should post some pictures of what our home looks like this year :) So, would you like a tour?

This is our door. Our RA, Virginia, made these (and took the pictures of the letters). So cute!

This is what you would see if you were to open up the door :)

To your left is the sink.

And the bathroom door.

Up close shot of the pocket marker holder :) We made these at one of our birthday party's a long time ago. :) Thanks to Mom's wonderful creative idea back then, we now have a marker holder :)

Over to the right of the door is our closets and my mug hanging collection.

All the mugs. The top notch, as you may see, doesn't have a mug. It did when we first moved in, but there's a story behind that :) About a week ago Damarise and I were fast asleep in our beds when suddenly at 12:08am both of us were awakened by some crashing sound. We groggily asked each other if we knew what had happened and both of us sleepily decided it was nothing. Well, when my alarm beeped in the morning I laid in bed a while just thinking when suddenly I remembered waking up to a crashing sound in the night. Well, it immediately clicked in my mind that that must've been one of our mugs. Sure enough, there was a cracked mug on the floor with another mug (still whole!) right next to it. Whoops. Guess our rack wasn't quite as secure as we thought. :P Anyways, it is now secure, and so far no more mugs have decided to take the mighty plunge to the floor :)

Our mini tea/hot drink stash thanks to Mom. The tea has come in handy this week with so many people coming down with colds :)

If you continue straight into the room and look left, there are our beds :) Mine is on the right and Damarise's is the left.

To the left (across from the beds) are our desks. Mine is in this picture.

And there is Damarise's desk. :)

Little decor: This paper crane (and nine others) are hanging above the window (see second picture :) ).

Anyways, that is our room/home :) This is where we study, hang out, and get lots of or not enough sleep :) Hope you enjoyed the mini tour :)

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amy said...

Hannah, that was so much fun to see your room at school :) Thanks for sharing these pictures. Your room looks like such a fun place to be :)