Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote from the Books Tuesday

Hard to believe Tuesday is already here. Didn't it just feel like yesterday?! I hope you all have had a good Tuesday. I know mine has been good :) I really like my Tuesday/Thursday days. I work from 8:00am-9:30am. Then have Doctrine 1 which is one of my favourite classes. At 1:00pm-2:15pm I have Youth Ministry which is my other favourite class. And then I have Technology for Educators from 2:30pm-3:45pm. It's a long class, but it's good cause I'm in there with friends :)

Anyways, moving on to my quote from the books this week. It's another book or part of a book that I read for Youth Ministry.

"It is fascinating that all ten of the lepers in Luke's story were healed from their disease. All of them received mercy, but only the Samaritan returned to give praise to his healer. Only the outsider was made part of the thankful fellowship. No matter how long we have been a part of that fellowship, no matter how many times we have stood to sing the doxology, we have to remember that by rights we do not belong in this house of the Lord. We were brought there by the mercy of Jesus."-M. Craig Barnes
That is definitely something to give praise and thanks to God for!

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