All in a Name

I wish I could begin this by telling a funny story about how the name of my blog came about. Some crazy story about how I traveled the world, saw many amazing sights, and did many embarrassing things. Such as accidently introduce myself as a banana. Humorous? Maybe. True? Um, not quite. There is no humorous tale behind the name. (Sorry to disappoint.) It is simply a name. A name to describe my life.

I am Hannah Marie. "Hannah Banana" has been one of those names that every Hannah must be called at one point in her life. And I have had the pleasure of having that nickname numerous times. So, there is the banana part of the title for you. 

As for the traveling part – that is my life. I am a Missionary Kid. I have lived in four different countries (USA, Canada, Portugal, and Mozambique), been to five others, and lived in more houses than I remember. I've learned, or tried to learn, another language. I've eaten weird foods. I've even gotten asked all the crazy questions. (Such as, "Did you guys ride giraffes in Africa?!" Answer: "YES! Like totally every day! In other words, no, never, not once. Sorry again to disappoint.) 

I am a Traveling Banana. Traveling here or there and loving every minute of it. 

This is a blog going through my travels. Although I am settled down at college for now, travel doesn't elude me. It may not be as drastic as packing up and moving to Africa, but a road trip is just as fun and adventurous, right? This blog is also the journeys of my life. Whether that be in my walk with Christ, or just the average everyday things that occur.