Monday, August 11, 2008

Recycling Crafts

And now it's time for "Recycling Crafts" with Hannah Marie, the part of the show when Hannah comes out and does a craft out of some recycled object. And here she is! 

Hi everyone! Today we're going to use those old soda cans that are just sitting around, well, not here in Mozambique... soda cans are quite the find! (Thanks to Grandma Stolks for buying them for us! :) )  but since we had them in the house we are going to recycle and turn them into a cool candle! It's easy, quick and cute! 

Ready to join in the fun? Here's six quick and easy steps.

Things you need:
  • A Soda Can
  • A Candle
  • A Wick
  • A Clothespin
  • A Crayon
  • A stovetop and pot

First: Gather up your soda cans. Cut off, with a can opener, the top of the can. Then get together some candles that you don't mind melting. 

Second: Put your candle in a pot and bid it adieu! While your candle is melting search around for a crayon with the colour you want.  (It can't be a junky one or it won't melt.) 

Third: Take the wax off the burner once it's melted all the way. Once it's off pour it into the soda cans.

Fourth: Take your wick and put it in a clothespin.

Fifth: Put the clothespin with the wick into the can.

Sixth: Wait about 2-3 hours for the candle to cool all the way. And then light away! :) I added some holes to the top of my can so that the light could seep through. 

Thanks for joining us for another "Recycling Crafts"! I hope your candle turned out great! Until next time I'm Hannah Marie, here to help you turn your coca-cola cans into bright candles. ;)

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