Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympia Randoms

Watching the Olympics in Mozambique is quite the adventure in itself!! When Dad came back from the States he brought back something that will connect to the computer that way we can get the channels of the country we're in. Here in Mozambique that would be two channels :) We were thrilled that one of the channels had the Olympics! We got to watch the opening ceremony. Although it was rather different. First they muted everything that was going on in the background (The drummers, and something else) and were just talking (In Portuguese). Then when they un-muted it they were still talking. I'm guessing they were sharing the same studio as some British person because while a lil' Chinese girl was singing and they were talking over her, the British lady says, "Can you please stop talking! We're trying to hear the little girl!" Haha, we were thankful! So the commentators stopped talking for a while and we could hear the British commentators in the background! English! YEAH! So refreshing! Anyways, because there is only one channel covering the Olympics, they only put certain stuff on. And since we are in Africa, they put on the stuff that Africans are in, at least that is how it has been seeming. So there has been a lot of weight lifting, judo, boxing, and basketball. I never watched any of those when we watched the Olympics in the States. So, it's been sad not getting to see swimming and gymnastics :( But such is life in Mozambique :) It's also sad cause a lot of the sports they do show no Americans are in, and it's sad not getting to cheer for my country! But I must say, I am SO thankful for the internet! At least I can read about who won such and such. I remember four years ago, Damarise and I were cheering Michael Phelps on, and it's been amazing to hear about all the world records he's been breaking and the gold medals he's won! Wow!! Go U.S.A!

Also, before I close, here are some cool facts and fun stuff from the Olympics:

1. Do you know why the Olympic ring are coloured such? I never knew this, but this is so cool! Every flag in the world has at least one or more of the colours on the rings! How neat is that?

2. Speaking of flags... it's been fun to see all the flags from each country. I love flags. In Portugal we had a map above our table in our living room and at the bottom of it it had the flags from every country. I loved staring at it and seeing what flags belonged to what countries. Then I did geography and learned all the flags. All that to say it's been fun seeing people from all the countries with the neat flags. :)

Well, that is all I can think of now. (I though I had more, but oh well.) I hope you all are having fun watching the Olympics! Yeah! Three cheers for team U.S.A!

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