Monday, August 11, 2008

Like 2nd Grandparents...

Saturday morning the Stolks dropped by for a visit. We met the Stolks when we first came to Africa in 2006 (seems like ages ago!) The Stolks went to the same church as the people we were staying with, so we got to know them and they had us over for a South African Braii! Mmm, nothing beats that! Then when we went down to South Africa in May we got to stay with the Stolks. It was so much fun. Like hanging out with 2nd grandparents. Right now, they are up here helping the Woodrows get their hospital built. It's been so wonderful having them here in town. When they came over Saturday, Mom was asking Grandma Stolk for different recipes that would be good for travel food. So Grandma Stolk shared some recipes, and then her, Mom, Damarise and Andrew went shopping while Grandpa Stolk and Dad talked. When the shoppers came home we had lunch and talked about hiking, Switzerland, South Africa, and all sorts of things :) After lunch Grandma Stolk and Mom made rusks. Mmm. If you've never had a rusk you need to try them! They are kind of like the American biscotti only slightly different. They are dry and crusty but they taste amazing! Especially when dunked in tea or coffee. 

While the women baked the men went to work on fixing our water filter. I'm not sure if they found out what was wrong or not. :P But all in all it was a wonderful Saturday full of fun with 2nd Grandparents! :D

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