Saturday, September 29, 2012


I sat with two of my fifth graders at lunch on Thursday. They were telling me all about a TV show in full detail. It was interesting, but after 30 minutes I had to inform them that I really knew nothing about what they were discussing.

"Oh", said the one student, "Well, you probably don't know it because it's pretty old. Like really old... it's from like the 1990s."

I felt old.

But, I laughed. I love being around fifth graders now. They are honest, yet aren't as open with their emotions as first graders are. It's been neat slowly getting to know them. I am excited for my time in this new school. My cooperating teacher is phenomenal and the students are gems. I love being in a classroom. I love the students. And I am blessed to be around them... even when they do say I'm old. It is great!

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