Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Pictures

School has become busy. And by busy, I mean I am currently taking a break from writing about an English Language Learner (ELL) who I interviewed, analyzing a unit plan for 3rd grade Language Arts, writing a math lesson that incorporates technology, and researching for my Senior Integration Paper (SIP). I am thankful for the weekend. A chance to sleep more, catch up on everything I have to do, and relax a little in between. This – blogging – is my relaxation. 

I'm sniffling up a storm right now. Someone told me that student teachers and first year teachers always get sick more throughout the year because they are exposed to so many more germs. I should have been more aware of all the coughing and sniffling first graders I was around, but I wasn't. Whoops. I have been coughing and sniffling all week and today I just feel plugged up. Vitamin D and I have become friends again, as well as lemon tea and tissues. But a cold has not been all that has been going on in my life. I decided the easiest way to share a little update on life would simply be to post some pictures. And so, without further adieu, a little update on my life. 

Pancakes. Damarise and I have begun traditions for our house and Saturday morning pancakes is one of the traditions (actually, it may be our only tradition at the moment...). Some Saturdays we'll have groups of people over, and other Saturdays it'll be just the two of us, but pancakes are always a must and we've had fun spicing them up in different ways. This morning's pancakes were pumpkin spice with chocolate chips. Yum! 

Guitar playing. I am so thankful for the guitar that Dad left behind in storage. When I feel stressed or just unable to think, I play music. Piano was the only instrument I knew and finding a piano to play on campus was always a bit of a struggle. I knew that living off campus this year it would be even harder to find a piano to play, so I began to learn guitar. I love it. I'm not that great at it, but I love picking it up after a long day and listening to the strings sing while being plucked. 

Kilter! I wasn't sure if I'd go to Kilter this year, but I figured that since it was my senior year, I should probably go. And seeing as I never see Kent around campus because both of our schedules clash so badly, I decided to ask him so that we could at least catch up on each other's lives. It was great! We went as Shaggy and Velma from Scooby Doo, and had a great time hanging out together.

 I love this girl! Faith has been a blessing and I am so thankful to have met her over the summer!

Pomegranate. I had a pomegranate once. It was in the backyard of Ouma and Oupa's house in South Africa. It was the first time I'd ever eaten one and I couldn't believe it was just a big ball of seeds covered in juice. It looked funny, but as soon as it hit my tastebuds I was a pomegranate fan! Since that day I have looked everywhere for pomegranates because I wanted to eat another. I even resorted to looking on Amazon, thinking that maybe they sold them. They did, but for $40 a fruit I decided it was not worth it. Then we went to Aldi. And in a little corner by the rest of the produce was a box with three pomegranates left. I couldn't believe it! I was elated! (Not only were they amazing looking, they were so cheap!) I picked up those pomegranates and have been slowly enjoying them. Yum! If you have never eaten a pomegranate, I highly recommend them. 

Tissues. Buying tissues has never been something we've done. We've always used toilet paper to blow our noses. But the other day, Damarise and I decided it would be cheaper for us to buy a box of tissues rather than use our toilet paper. Ah. They have been a soft blessing to my tender nose. 

World map. We got our world map in the mail a few weeks ago. We hung it up and marked everywhere we've visited and lived. I love it. 

And there we have it. A little bit of a peek into all that's been happening in my life. Relaxation time is over, and I should get back to all my assignments... until next time. 

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