Thursday, September 20, 2012

Twenty Little Ones

Today I said goodbye to twenty little children who have helped me understand first grade so much better. I told them it was time for me to leave and that I wouldn't be back the next week to see them. "You're moving to New York?!", one boy asked me. "No," I told him, "Not New York, but I am going to a different school, so I won't see you again." "Can't you just stay and teach here?!", a girl asked me. I wish... I wish.

I'd only been with them for four weeks, but they grew on me. I felt so welcome into that first grade classroom. I was amazed at my cooperating teacher who taught with such passion and love, but also had control of her classroom. I felt comfortable helping out students and loved listening to their stories. Today, the last thing I wanted to do was say goodbye to them.

I'm going to miss them. I'm going to miss the funny things they had to say. Like the boy who asked me my very first day there, "What is your name?" I told him, "Ms. Turnbull." "Turrrrrrrrrrrr", he said. "Turnbull.", I corrected. "Ohhhhhhh," he replied, "I always get that mixed up with 'The Terminator'." Or the student who asked if I was Mrs. Turnbull was my husband named Mr. Turnbull. I had to correct her and let her know that I am not married and that my name would change.

They all had unique thoughts– some funny, some thought provoking, and all worth taking note of. I'll miss the constant, "Ms. Turnbull! Did you know...." followed by a comment about a brother, cousin, or a completely unrelated story that I would never have known about in a million years. I'll miss seeing their smiling faces every Tuesday and Thursday and never knowing what the day would hold. They were a wonderful first class to begin Senior Year with.

Today I teared up at recess when I knew I would be leaving within the hour. And today when I was about to leave and got bombarded with twenty hugs, I knew without a doubt that I would miss them.

Next week I begin practicum again. This time it will be in a new school, with a new teacher, and new students. I cannot wait to see what this next adventure will hold, but I will miss my twenty little first graders and I am thankful for the love and hospitality they showed me while I sat in their classroom the past four weeks. It has been a wonderful experience!

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