Monday, May 14, 2012

Time for a Photo Update

I don't have time to write a lot, although if I could pick the perfect day to just sit down and write it would have to be a day like today. It has been raining non-stop since yesterday and it is the perfect weather to snuggle under some blankets with a warm cup of tea and write to my heart's content. However, time won't allow me to do that, so I'll leave most of the stories to the pictures, since pictures are worth a thousand words. 

1. Tomato plants. To the average person, getting tomato plants would be interesting and maybe a little cool. For me, they made my month! They were about the most wonderful thing anybody could ever give me. .... And here's the tale behind how I got them. 

Once upon a year ago there was Earth Day. Now for those of you who may remember I got two free Fraiser Fir trees from Lowe's for Earth Day last year. It was so exciting! I'd always wanted to grow and nurture something and trees that would live for over 80 years seemed perfect, not to mention they were free. Well, grow those trees did... until the day they died. It was sad. I ended up getting an aloe plant because those were easier to take care of (and I'm happy to report that it is still alive)! 

Well, this year Earth Day rolled around again. I googled what Lowe's was doing for Earth Day 2012 and found out they were giving away free trees again. I was elated! If at first you don't succeed try, try again, right? I had to go down to that part of town to get fingerprinted for Student Teaching, so I planned to head down on the free tree day. I was about to leave when the fingerprinting place called to tell me they had to cancel. I was bummed. I wasn't going to drive all the way down to that part of town just for free trees. I thought all hope was lost until I called Micah, since he lives closer to that part of town, I asked him if he would be going anywhere close to there and could maybe pick me up a free tree. He said probably not and I decided that that was that. I'd try nurturing a tree some other year. 

Then came the next day. I was sitting at work when Micah called and said to meet him outside cause he had trees for me. I was thrilled! (I know... it's strange...) I came outside and told Micah how excited I was. He told me that he had something to tell me though. Apparently it wasn't free tree day at Lowe's, but he felt bad coming back empty handed, so he bought me tomato plants! I was more than excited and thrilled! Tomato plants would not only be easier to keep alive, they would also produce something edible! I was SO excited! It was the best gift and I couldn't be more thankful! 

The plants are currently in a BIG pot basking in the sun and rain and growing fast. It's wonderful!

2. Virginia. She graduated last Saturday. She has been a wonderful RA to me the past two years and I am so thankful for her.

3. Hannah Brammer. She is amazing! She lived on our hall this past year and is from Germany. She can make anyone laugh and is so sweet and kind. Saturday at graduation we had to say goodbye to her and she went back to Germany. Who knows when I'll get to see her again, but I'm so thankful that God let her come to Covenant and let our paths cross. She has been a huge blessing to me.

4. Ohh Davey! Saturday after graduation Davey, Damarise, Janessa, and I went all around town just to hang out with each other before we all went out separate ways for the summer. It was fun.

5. All together until the fall. I miss them both already!

6. Damarise and I went to our first wedding in twelve years! We got to see one of our close friends here at Covenant get married to a wonderful man. It was beautiful.

7. Alicia and Karly – two of our amazing friends who we got to know from working B.E.S.T last summer.

8. The groom and bride – Paul and Kristin. They are an awesome couple!

9. Our first dinner of the summer. Chicken breast and salad. Yum!

10. Global Trends. I am currently in this class for three hours every morning and working in the afternoon for four hours. It is a lot, but it is good. I have learned SO much in this class and am thankful for the ways it has been opening my eyes to the world around me and to God's ever abounding grace!

11. Blue feet! We played footballish monkey in the middle the other night on a soccer field in the dark. Apparently it had weed killer on it. It made our feet blue. It was hilarious. 

There's a little update in pictures until I can sit down and write more. Maybe after May when I'm done with my class and have time to think about something other than homework. We shall see. 

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Janessa said...

I have several comments.

1: In picture 4, Davey's head looks like it is going to explode.

2: I don't remember what I was trying to accomplish with that expression in picture 5, but I look like I might leap over the hood of the car.

3: Picture 8-- Kristin's dress is so pretty!