Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Tree

I can't say I have ever celebrated Earth Day before. Actually, I know I haven't. But, this year when Earth Day rolled around, I realized that there are a lot of places that give away free stuff on Earth Day! (Ahh! Yes! Free things are great!)

For example, on our road trip to Unclaimed Baggage we stopped by Starbucks first to pick up a free mug of coffee! Yes, free! And because I found out Starbucks gave out free coffee, I decided to search and see what other free things I could find. 

And so begins this little tale – the tale of how Damarise and I now have two small Frasier Fir trees growing in our room. It all began Friday morning. I was sitting down with my laptop Googling "free things for earth day". Up popped a website with several free things for Earth Day. One thing stood out – Lowe's is giving away a free tree. Free tree? Free tree?! How could we pass up an opportunity to get a free tree? Answer: We couldn't. 

Saturday, Damarise and I traveled down to Lowe's to pick up our free tree. With excitement bubbling in us, (ok, maybe it was just me) we walked into Lowe's. Someone pointed us in the direction of the free trees and within minutes we were holding it in our hands. Our very own tree. 

Now, as you can see in the picture above, it is a pretty tiny tree. And not only that, it also came in a paper sack with no pot, no dirt, and no food. No big deal though. Planting can't be too hard. And for those of you who may think differently, perhaps you are right. But, this is how our little Frasier Fir was planted. 

*If you have never planted a tree before, this may help you learn! Of course, I've never planted a tree before either, so I may have done it the wrong way, and if you follow my steps, you may be doing it wrong too. Phew! All that said... 

How to Plant a Tree

Step One: Grab a pot (or bucket) with holes in the bottom so that water will not be stuck in the pot. Once you have your pot, go on a hunt for some nearby dirt. 

Step Two: Give the little tree-ling a pep talk. "One day you, yes you little tree-ling, will grow to be big and tall like this tree. Well, almost like it... you're actually going to be a fir tree..."

Step Three: Sing to the tree. "You're one in a million!" The bag said so. Also, singing to a tree helps it grow big and strong. 

Step Four: Put dirt in the bucket. If you don't have a shovel at hand, a spoon or measuring cup will work. 

Step Five: Take a picture of Twig One and Twig Two in their new home. Awww.

And that is how you plant a tree. Our little saplings are sitting in our room now being watered every day, and basking in the sunlight. Also, "plant a tree" is now checked on our Summer Bucketlist. One bucketlist item down, several more to go. 

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