Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cloudland Canyon

Yesterday was Day of Prayer here at Covenant. Our hall, Imani, joined our brother hall, Ithaca, for an afternoon at Cloudland Canyon where we sang, prayed, and worshipped God together. God blessed us with amazing weather. It was great to stand at the edge of the canyon and praise God, our Creator!

Here are some snapshots from the afternoon:

Some of Imani: Damarise, me, Sarah, Emily, Sarah, Katie, and in the back is Megan. 

Kevin and Virginia...Ithaca's RA and Imani's RA... oh, and they're dating!

Praising God together.

The group of us. 

Our halls did the same Day of Prayer at Cloudland Canyon together last year... And last year as we were getting ready to go, Davey sang us his eagle song, which, in my opinion, is one of the funniest songs ever! As we were packing up to leave this year Damarise and I asked him to play his Eagle Song for us again. Kevin, Virginia, Damarise, and I died laughing as Davey sang it to us. 

I am SO thankful for these two wonderful suitemates that God has blessed Damarise and me with. Rebecca and Emily are such a blessing! 

Day of Prayer was a great day... I'm thankful to go to a school where we specifically take off days to spend in prayer. What a blessing!

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