Friday, September 30, 2011

I. Am. Blessed.

Last night I was reminded how blessed I am.

It was 7:00pm on Thursday night. Which meant that it was time for my favourite class of the semester, "Art, Music, and PE in the Early Grades". Not only do I love the content of the class, but I love my fellow students and the professor of the class.

After piling into our seats we began to learn about the different ways we could integrate art with other subjects in school. Learning about all the different ways I, as a teacher, could integrate art with math, science, geography, and every other school subject inthralls me almost as much as it overwhelms me. I am learning through many of my education classes that the only way I will become a creative, caring, and competent teacher is by absolute reliance on God. I'm learning more and more how truly weak I am and how I am in utter need of God every moment of every day. It's humbling.

After discussing the integration of art in every aspect of school, we were told to pick out our favourite drawing that we had done throughout the past four weeks and "frame" it on black paper.

We were going to have an art show.

Side note: I have never been in an art show. In fact, the only time I remember showing off something I had done in school was when I wrote a research paper in 6th grade about dolphins. I couldn't tell you what I learned about dolphins, but I do remember Mom and Dad being there when I displayed it, congratulating and encouraging me on all my hard work. That was, by far, my favourite part about the research paper. (That and getting to use google, which was still fairly new to me at the time). 

Our class of seventeen elementary education girls were going to have an art show! I was excited. At 9:00pm our professor hung up our art work on the wall, and brought out some cheese, crackers, and sparkling grape juice to celebrate. We hung out together enjoying one another's art work.

And then, in walked Damarise and Micah. We were told that we could invite friends to come to our art show and I did, semi-half expecting them not to come, I mean it really wasn't a huge event. But in they walked, coming to see my art, encouraging me in my work, and congratulating me. It made my night!

Right then I was reminded how blessed I am. God has truly blessed me with incredible friends. Damarise and Micah are just two of them. Seeing them come into my art show and take precious time away from their studying just to encourage me in my rather childish art show meant so much.

It's the little things like that which make me praise God for His abundant blessings. I'm thankful for friends who show Christ's love. I'm thankful that God has me here. I'm thankful that God has blessed me with friends like Damarise and Micah.

I am blessed. And all praise goes to our Heavenly Father from whom all blessings flow.

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Whatleys' World said...

A 'fun' read, Hannah!! :) Love the pics of great college times, you guys dressing up and just hearing how life is going. :)

big hugs!