Sunday, September 18, 2011

Karnival Kilter

Kilter |ˈkiltər| n. - a fun dance that Covenant puts on where the girls ask the guys. Every year Kilter has a different theme that people dress up to. Also, it is usually required that the girls as the guys in a creative way.

This year for Kilter I decided to ask Grant. ... After asking him in a very uncreative way, I redid my asking and made him muffins, a card, and gave him a balloon. I dropped it by his window last Saturday afternoon.

After reading the card...

Grant thought about it... and said YES! :)

The night of Kilter arrived.... Grant decided to go as a gypsy/fortune teller and I went as a mime :) 

Virginia helped out a ton by curling my hair for me.

Mime!(In training... that way I could talk.)

Damarise (Timothy from Dumbo), Virginia, and me (Mime)

Damarise and I were excited!

This is the group of us that went to Kilter together: 
Grant (fortune teller), Me (mime), Janessa (girl from Despicable Me), Davey (the fluffy unicorn that the girl won), Jamie (Dumbo), Damarise (Timothy the mouse).

Davey and Janessa. Davey's costume was AMAZING!

Grant and me. So fun!

Damarise and Jamie. So great!

At Kilter we found some friends:

Us with Karly!

Riding the carousel. 

Us with Micah. 

Bonnie and me. 


It was a FUN night filled with lots of laugh, lots of costumes, and lots of friends! 
Karnival Kilter = Best Kilter Yet. 

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