Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Things...

1. Hanging out with these two amazing people! (pictured above)
2. Working with some great folks and having lots to laugh about.
3. Cooking meals and cookies together with Damarise and Micah.
4. Going to random parks, playing frisbee, walking around...
5. $1 movie night!
6. Spur of the moment plans.
7. Reading Harry Potter out loud. 
8. Pasha's.
9. Listening to records late at night with coffee cookies.
10. Naps.
11. Running through the rain after work.
12. Don't Call It a Comeback by Kevin DeYoung (and others). Great book!
13. Learning new things.
14. Jokes, laughter, stories, riddles.
15. Music: Bright Eyes, Freelance Whales, Mumford and Sons...
16. I love Summer!!

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