Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blue and Khaki

Two weeks of work are behind me. And only... all summer left to go.

Work begins at 8am. Blue and Khaki is the colour for the summer. In other words, we wear blue Covenant t-shirts and khakis every work day. It's easy to spot all the Covenant workers; we're like little smurfs roaming the campus cleaning up anything that is dirty.

For those of you who don't know about my summer job, I am working at Covenant College with Facility Services. Yes, that means cleaning. Many camps use Covenant's campus throughout the summer to host their camps and we, on Facility Services, get the privilege of keeping the campus presentable and cleaning rooms between camps.

So far, it's been good – lots of handprints washed off of glass doors, toilets scrubbed, and gum scraped off the bottom of classroom chairs.

The group of students who are here working for the summer are great! It has been wonderful to get to know them better. Some people who I otherwise would have never met, I now know well. I love it. The supervisors also are amazing and keep us on task. Living here over the summer is great too! I feel like we are almost back in Jungle Camp again (only with running water :)  ).

So, let me rephrase the opening sentence.

Two wonderful weeks of work are behind me. And sadly, summer will end too quickly, but while it is here I am loving every minute of it!

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