Saturday, April 02, 2011


Sun shining.
Windows rolled down.
Music playing.
Wonderful friends.
Coffee at Pasha's.
Friendly baristas.
Walking through neighborhoods.
Flowers blooming.
Skyping with the family.
Thrift store shopping.
Today was a good Saturday.

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amy said...

It sounds like you had a simply wonderful Saturday, Hannah! That's great! I don't have quite a list, but today was a pretty good day.

Let's see...for one, I got all my photos organized. I can't say how great it is to have that done. It was quite a time-consuming project, to say the least, but now everything's on my laptop (rather than spread between two computers), photos are named, and I can actually find things again. yay! Anyway, the weather was wonderful today, too, and we had a prayer meeting with the church family this evening. A good day =)

By the way, Hannah, could you e-mail me your mail address? (I believe you have my e-mail address) thanks =)