Thursday, March 31, 2011

Student Appreciation Day

Faculty and staff wearing t-shirts that say, "I love Covenant students". Free ice cream. Delicious meals. Giveaways. Free Starbucks coffee in all lobbies in the morning. Happy Student Appreciation Day.

Once a year, Covenant College celebrates Student Appreciation Day. A day when all the faculty and staff go out of their way to show us how much they love us. It is great.

One of my professors began class by reading from 1 Thessalonians. He said that just like Paul begins almost every letter with, "We remember you in our prayers and thank God for you", all our professors pray for us and thank God for us as well. It was a neat reminder of how thankful I am to be at a Christian college with professors who do pray for us.

When the day ended I was full of good food, content, and filled with thankfulness for my professors, the staff, and God's provision.

Photo Credit: Covenant College

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Joseph said...

Free Starbucks coffee!? That's appreciation! Never been to a school that does that.