Monday, April 11, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt

 You never know what type of hall event will take place on Imani. I've experience everything from watching "Planet Earth" to going to Swingfest with our brother hall. But this Sunday our hall did a hall event that may just be my favourite event yet – a photo scavenger hunt.

If you have never done a photo scavenger hunt:
a). You are missing out.
b). We should do one sometime!

Photo Scavenger Hunts are amazing! Teams are divided up and given a piece of paper with multiple "things to find or do" on it. Teams are given a time limit to complete the tasks given and the winner is the team who got the most accomplished.

Now enter Sunday. Sunday afternoon our hall teamed up with a guys' hall to go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt downtown. It was a sunny and beautiful Sunday afternoon, we had a great team, and lots of laughing took place (which is always great!).

Here's just a few of the crazy (and fun) things our team had to accomplish:

Roll down a grass hill.

Throw a paper plane off a bridge (don't worry we picked it back up).

Do a model pose... Lovin' Janessa. 

Ask a stranger to serenade your team. Well, she didn't sing for us, instead she performed with these sock type things.  

Take a picture with people from Covenant who aren't involved in the scavenger hunt. 

Pose like a statue. 

Take a picture with people in uniform. (Also, please notice how the park ranger is giving Jamila bunny ears. Haha.) 

Do the Hokey Pokey in a public place. (This was so fun!)

Give a flower to a stranger.

Duck walk across the street. 

Dance on the dancing sidewalk.

Kiss a mannequin. 

Walk a stranger's dog. 

A picture of your team on the glass bridge. (Yay! Team!) 

A picture of your team on one chair. 

A picture of your team looking relaxed. 

A picture of something from Covenant (This shop is owned by Covenant grads).

Our team won! (Yeah!) And we had a great time, complete with sunburn and all. 

Great time - check.
Fun pictures - check.
Sunburn - check.
Aloe Vera - hoping to buy some.
Awesome memories - indeed!

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Whatleys' World said...

No one commented! :( Well, your scavenger hunt sounds awesome!! The pictures were fun and they created awesome memories!!! Hope you both are doing well!! :) Hey.... can you do me a big favor and send your e-mail addresses to us? I can't find them!!!! Eeekkk.... also, I am only inviting folks to my blog since we are over here... and.. well, better I invite folks and since you 2 are like 2 of the best neighbor-kids EVER... :) ... I want to make sure you are one of the 100. Lol... I HIGHLY doubt 100 people read it!!! :) Anyway, want to make SURE that you are on it. Have a wonderful day! hugs, hugs, hugs!! Mrs. Whatley