Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Body of Christ

Today was Day of Prayer. It's such a refreshing day. Day of Prayer is usually on a Tuesday, and it is perfect to just take a break from classes and school and spend time in the Word and prayer. This morning our hall, Imani, had our brother hall, Ithaca, over for a pancake breakfast. Damarise and I designated ourselves to be the pancake makers :) It was great. We both love to bake, and since we don't get the chance to do it all that often, it was wonderful.

We had a wonderful breakfast, and a great time worshipping and praying to the Lord with Ithaca. We also played catch phrase together and went to the top of the Carter Tower. We got to sign our names and see the amazing view from the tower. Supposedly, on a clear day (which it was), you can see seven states from the tower. Pretty cool!

But, where the title of this post (Body of Christ) comes in is here. (Well, technically it was further back in the story, but I'll just talk about it here. ;) ) After reading scripture and singing with Ithaca we split up into groups to pray together. I was in a group with Hannah and Micah. We asked each other what we could be praying for for one another, and when my turn came around I asked for prayer for Damarise and I (and the family) as the family moves to Africa, and as Damarise and I are saying goodbye to them at the end of the month. Both Micah and Hannah prayed about it and said they would continue to, but Micah also said, "You know you guys have family here too... Janessa, me, and all your other friends." And it hit me (again!) just how blessed I am. God has blessed me abundantly with my immediate family, but He has also blessed me with many wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ here. Time and time again I've gotten to see the body of believers work together in amazing ways. And this is just another example of that. Brothers and sisters in Christ coming around Damarise and I (and our whole family) as we prepare to say goodbye. It was a great reminder today of all the wonderful things God has blessed me with. I'm so thankful for the family of believers He has blessed Damarise and I with here.

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