Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Happy Birthday to my amazing Mom! Today she celebrates another year of life that God has given to her.

I am so thankful for Mom. I'm so thankful for everything she does for our family: cooking healthy (but GREAT) meals, listening to us tell stories from our life (even if they are boring and have no point), encouraging us when we are struggling through a class, friendships, or just everyday life, praying with and for us, making sure we are staying healthy, and loving us through everything.

My mom, well, she's the best. She's hospitable. (She can welcome in a complete stranger, old friends, and Damarise's and my friends. She makes them feel at home. It's great!) She is organized! (If I were in charge of packing and moving all our stuff every time we move... well, let's just say it'd be a mess. Mom has everything labeled and organized! It's great!) Mom is flexible. (I'm going to miss living in Africa with the family again. Everything was so fun and Mom made even the tough things seem bearable. If there were ants stuck in our oatmeal, well, hey! It's just extra protein. :) Yummy!) Mom is fun, loving, giving, encouraging, godly, and someone who I know I can call whenever and share whatever I'm going through with.

I'm thanking God for giving me such a wonderful Mom! Mom, I love you SO much and am SO thankful for all you have done! I hope you have the most amazing birthday ever!

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