Monday, January 10, 2011

On the Farm

Thursday afternoon the Bennett family came up to the farm for a quick visit. The Bennetts are basically life long friends, so it was wonderful for them to come visit.

Before the Bennetts arrived we went up to the farm to clean a little. And while we were up there Ian let us shoot his air soft guns. He also taught me how to shoot a gun, since I have never shot one before.

Oh, and I also hit the target! Just kidding. I was awful. I don't think I even hit the tree once!

Damarise and I with the guns.

My beautiful, sweet, funny, and kind sister, Sarah. I miss her!

Now, as opposed to me, Sarah was an excellent shooter! She hit the 100! It was amazing!

Damarise, Ian, and Andrew. I just love my siblings!

Then the Bennetts arrived! We went out onto the frozen pond.

The lake was also completely frozen so we slid around on the lake.

While the Bennetts visited, we played many games: canasta, whoonu, sync up, catch phrase, spades, and estimation to name a few.

The younger Bennetts and Turnbulls... and me :)

We played Catch Phrase. Turnbulls versus Bennetts... the Bennetts won... both times. It was a ton of fun!

I am so thankful for such wonderful friends!

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