Monday, December 06, 2010

"It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas"

Sunday afternoon, Davey asked if we wanted to help Ithaca (our brother hall) decorate for Christmas. How could we not accept such a fun offer?! So with gifts of paper, popcorn, and scissors in hand, Damarise, Janessa, and I walked down to their hall to see how we could help out. And so began the Christmas decorating of Ithaca. We had people making paper chains, paper snowflakes, popcorn strings, and many other projects. It was a ton of fun :)

I helped string popcorn (along with lots of other helpful string-ers). And Ian made some awesome 3D slinky-like snowflakes.

Johnny and Micah cut out snowflakes, and helped out with other decorations as well.

The messy craft table. :)

Josh made a reindeer, and Janessa clothed a troll that was on their hall.

Davey made a Christmas sign. :)

Justin and Kevin holding up one of Ian's cool snowflakes... oh and the football player behind them is Janessa's, Micah's, and many others' helpful creation.

Damarise made a paper chain Christmas tree.

Oh, and Micah wore a crazy Christmas sweater that he got from Janessa :) It was great!

Micah and Ian in their Christmas clothing :)

We had a ton of fun helping decorate with our brother hall :) And now it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :)

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