Monday, December 06, 2010

April Fools

No, it isn't April 1st yet, in fact April Fools Day is about five months away. But, that didn't stop us from playing a "little" prank on some hall mates. Let me just tell you the whole story...

Once upon a time, on a cold Saturday night in November, Damarise, Megan, and I were sitting around about to go bazurk from all the studying. Then it suddenly dawned on us that two hall mates were down the mountain for the night... perfect. Since we were going crazy from studying and they were away... well... we decided to TP their room. :) We had loads of fun doing it! And they laughed when they saw it. Oh, yah, and they also threatened to get us back...sometime. Well, a month passed and nothing happened.

Until this past Saturday. Damarise and I had just gotten back from lunch. We walked into our room and found dixie cups filled with water lining out entire floor!

There were 400 cups, to be exact, filled with water (some are cleaned up in the picture already :) ). We were definitely not expecting it and had a great laugh when we walked into our room! :D Haha... way to go Emily and Katie on getting us back... it worked!

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