Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Imani Craft Night

My RA this year, Virginia, is so creative. She can take anything ordinary and transform it into something amazing. When she announced that our hall would have a craft night I was thrilled. I couldn't wait to see what Virginia had planned. And she did not disappoint. :)

We began our night with toilet paper rolls and old (think 1800's old) books. What could we make with those? Well, let me just show you.

First we began by gathering up people. Emily and Katie were happy and ready to go!

Damarise and I were excited to begin.

The craft table with toilet paper rolls.

The craft table with old book pages.

Beautiful, old, Italian sheet music.

The toilet paper rolls were cut up and glued together to create cool designs. (you'll see the finished product later :).

Snowmen from a package that Damarise put together.

Emily. Happy. Caring. Beautiful. Kind.

Bethany. My breakfast buddy. Great friend. Compassionate. Fellow Ed major.

Emily. Sweet. Caring. Loving.

Virginia. Creative. Thoughtful. Lovely.

Damarise. Friend. Sister. Amazing.

Kasey. Thoughtful. Sincere. Sweet.

Kaia. Funny. Sweet. Outgoing.

Kim. Helpful. Watchful. Kind.

Katie. Loving. Amazing Hair Cutter. Thoughtful.

Me. Just... me :)

Some amazing muffins that Virginia made. Did I mention that not only is she super creative, but she is also an amazing baker?!

The needle and thread used to sew together the paper...

In order to make these vintage looking pinwheel type things.

I also made paper cranes with the old paper.

And hung them and the pinwheels under my laugh sign.

As for the toilet paper rolls, here they are. They are hanging up on an empty wall and filling it with Virginia's creative idea. (looks cool eh?)

Creativity, sticky gluey fingers, Christmas music, laughing, talking, and some wonderful hall bonding time–Yah, Imani craft night was great!

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amy said...

Hannah. my wonderful friend. happy. pretty. fun. kind.

Looks like you all had a great time. Thanks for sharing these photos!