Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Minutes

In Youth Ministry class we take turns giving our life story. This Tuesday I was picked to share my life story with the class. We have a time limit of four minutes for our life story and three minutes for people to ask questions. No big deal right? Yah. Right...

Well, I got up and began to tell my life story (which consisted a lot of, "And then we moved from there..." :) ). I had just finished saying that we had moved to Mozambique when the person timing me held up 1o fingers. I looked at him shocked. Only ten seconds left?! There was so much more to tell. I quickly squeaked out the story of Ian's miraculous healing in 10 seconds and then it was time for questions.

After class I began thinking about all that has happened in my life. It really is impossible to tell about everything that has taken place in a four minute time slot. The more I thought about my life the more I was amazed at all God has done in my life. He has led me and my family all around the world... or at least a few continents. He saved Ian from dying of malaria, and healed Dad from what he had in Portugal. He's provided friends everywhere we have moved. He's provided shelter, food, and clothing. He's provided the funds for Damarise and me to attend Covenant College. And He has given me an amazing family!

Someone in the class asked me during the question time if it was hard to move around so much. I smiled. Hard? Maybe, in a few ways, but no, it was amazing! I told her that God has given me an amazing family to move all over the place with. It's like moving somewhere new with your best friends all around you. I don't think it was ever too hard because God has been gracious to me. He's provided me with two amazing parents who follow where God leads and who include all of us kids in their ministry. Whenever we moved somewhere it was never just Mom and Dad going, it was the whole family. I love that!

Telling my life story made me realize, again, how gracious God has been in my life. What an awesome God we serve! He is powerful, sovereign, and deserves all praise and glory.

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