Saturday, October 16, 2010

There's Just Something Special...

The Morrisons are wonderful friends from Mozambique! They welcomed us into Mozambique, helped us get settled, and made sure we were adjusting okay. Ms. Tricia helped us out a ton when everything went on with Ian and his malaria. When Mom, Dad, and Ian were in South Africa, she prayed with us, played dutch blitz with us, and just made sure we were overwhelmed with love during that time. The Morrisons drove Damarise, Sarah, Andrew and me part way down to South Africa to reconnect with out family after Ian's malaria ordeal. In a nutshell, they are wonderful people :) Wonderful people who we got to visit with Thursday night!

They just so happened to be driving through Chattanooga, and how could we not welcome such a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with them. They had another place to get to, but we got to hang out with them for about 45 minutes. It was great! There's just something special about sitting down and talking with people who know all about our lives :) They know about Ian's malaria, they know what it was like to live in Mozambique, and they know our family. It was such an encouragement to sit with them and catch up on how they are doing, and the amazing work that God is doing in Mozambique. :) It was also nice to have someone genuinely caring about how we were doing and wanting to know what was going on in our lives.

Thursday night with the Morrisons was a huge blessing! When they drove away all I could do was thank God for them, for our time in Mozambique, and for the amazing Body of Believers that we were a part of while there.

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