Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suitemates Reunited

Last weekend a very special friend came back into town. Saturday morning I heard a knock on my door and who came bounding in the room but my wonderful old suitemate, Kathleen! Oh! It was absolutely wonderful to see her again. I have missed her so much! Her crazy stories, her encouraging words, her laugh, her willingness to help me out with my homework, and just her lively, energetic and God-fearing personality.

We hung out most of the weekend and caught up on life. It was grand!

Saturday night some of old Imani and new Imani went out to eat together :) So fun!

Old Suitemates reunited! YES YES YES! :D

Aww :D So fun!

Yay! I love them all!

Canasta was our suitemate game last year, so we had to play a few rounds while we were all back together :)

Kathleen left on Tuesday :( But not before spreading love and joy around. She shared homemade pumpkin muffins (yumm!), talked and laughed with us, and sewed up my very (and I mean veryyy) torn backpack for me :) Thank you Kathleen for visiting and for just being an amazing friend! I miss you!

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