Saturday, October 16, 2010


It was Monday afternoon. Damarise was visiting me at my job. We were talking and getting excited about going on Fall Break come Saturday! Our flight would leave at 3pm. It couldn't get there soon enough. We had a friend who happened to be going to KC, but we didn't know that until after we had booked our tickets, and unfortunately our tickets were not refundable. Bummer. But this friend offered to drive us to the airport to catch out flight to KC. Prefect! Or, so we thought. Until, as Damarise and I were sitting there, we received news that this friend was leaving Friday afternoon. Hm. We couldn't spend the night in the airport. So, once again we looked into canceling our flight. AND... turns out our flight was refundable! We were joyous! We decided in about 5 minutes that we would cancel our flight, get a refund, drive with our friend to KC, and leave a day early! And the absolute best part... we would surprise our family! :D I have always wanted to do something like that and this was the perfect opportunity!

So, we called the airline, canceled our flight, deleted the email that was sent to Mom confirming that our flight had been canceled and sat in joyous giddiness. We couldn't stop smiling and talking about how great it would be to surprise the family!

Until we got back to our room and called the family to see how they were doing. They were fine and they were wondering why we had canceled our flight. AH! Our surprise suddenly crashed to the floor. Apparently in the 5 seconds that the email was in Mom's email she just happened to be checking her email. Hmmm. Well, we were pretty bummed that we couldn't surprise the family, but we were still VERY happy to be leaving a day early, and we now have a flight back home for Christmas :) So, even though the surprise didn't work out, everything else did :) And it is great to be back with the family! Aw, I love them!

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