Monday, October 19, 2009

Studying over with + Midterms Finished = FALL BREAK!

Last week was a study and test taking week. I don't think I've ever felt so busy before! I was either studying, writing papers or doing homework all week. *Phew!* So, when the weekend rolled around I was SO ready for it! But, it wasn't just the weekend, it was also Fall Break!! YAY!

Kathleen, sweet suitemate that she is, invited Damarise and I to come home with her for Fall break! :D So, Friday afternoon her dad came and picked us up to bring us home to North Carolina :) Awww.... and we've been having fun just hanging out together and doing nothing :)

Today we went around a historic town and park :D Fun fun!

We started off by having a picnic by the lake :)

And then we went up and visited an old church.

With old hymnals.

Old benches..

Old windows..

And new friends :D

Next was a barn :)

With pigs *oink oink*

And a farmhouse :D

And then... my favourite.. a choo choo train!!! :D

Damarise and Kathleen drove it... AH!

Damarise almost got run over!

Awww... I love my older sister!

And Kathleen got her foot run over :(

Ahhh!!! Let me help you!

Haha! Jumping onto the train before it left without me! :D

Holding on for dear life.

Haha... Damarise and I :P

Kathleen and I were hiding out :)

And then we got to stand in the middle of the road! :D

After our adventures at the park we drove off to the historic town.

This town was SO pretty! :D

Especially in the fall.. pumpkins,

and leaves! Fall is in the air! And it is SO beautiful!

Damarise tried on some ol' hats :)

Yah! That was a HUGE gun!

Oooo gotta go gotta go gotta go right now!

Candy cane stick??

Pumpkins!!! :D

Ooo la la! We found the Single Brothers' house! :D

All the fall leaves were just gorgeous!

Everyone is so patriotic :)

Welp, we have two days left of fall break, and then it's back to the books :) But, this is what we've been up to so far :) I love fall break! :D

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Siân said...

Looks amazing and like you guys are having lots of fun - wonderful photos.