Friday, October 01, 2010


Ah! Autumn is in the air. Today is the first of October (crazy, but true), and it definitely feels like the beginning of Autumn. The weather is crisp and cool. The tree are just beginning to get a tint of colour (other than green). And the sun is rising later and setting earlier. Ah, Autumn.

What a wonderful Creator God is to bless us with four different and beautiful seasons. I think I may have mentioned this last Fall, but I'll mention it again just cause it is so true. I love having four seasons in the US. Going from rainy season/dry season, to four unique and beautiful seasons is wonderful. Oh! It's beautiful!

I'm excited for everything involved with Autumn to begin. The trees changing colour, the crunch of leaves as I walk, the hot tea, the pumpkin spiced everything, Fall Break, Thanksgiving, warm clothes, and cool weather. Mmm... isn't Autumn wonderful?

Happy first of October everyone and happy Autumn!

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