Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Quote from the Books Tuesday

Since I have been busy with reading, writing, and more reading for college, I just have not found the time to blog on a normal basis. But I'm not going to abandon my blog. :) Instead I thought, why don't I share a quote out of one of my many of textbooks/readings that I read for the week. So, I shall now begin "Quote from the Books Tuesday." :) Every Tuesday I'll put a quote on my blog from one of the textbooks or random reading that I had to do for a class. Wether it be something that I highlighted, or just some interesting fact that I wanted to share. So, for the first Quote from the Books Tuesday, I picked a quote from a reading that I had to do for Youth Ministry. The article that this came from was talking about how death is all around us and true life is only found in Jesus Christ.

"If the Gospel seems irrelevant to our daily lives, that is our fault, not the Gospel's. For if death is not a reality, then Christ's triumph over death is neither daily nor real. Worship and proclamation and even faith itself take on a dream-like, unreal air, and Jesus is reduced to something like a long-term insurance policy, filed and forgotten–whereas He can be our necessary ally, an immediate, continuing friend, the Holy Destroyer of Death and the Devil, my own beautiful Saviour."-Walter Wangerin

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amy said...

That's a neat idea, Hannah, and I'll be excited to see your upcoming Tuesday quotes! Actually, if you don't mind, I might starting doing the same thing myself on Tuesday? Would you mind if I did so?

I hope that you're having a great time at school!