Saturday, September 18, 2010

"Ride on the Magic School Bus"

This Friday was Kilter. Kilter is an event where the girls ask the guys to a dance. This year we were at the Children's Museum in Chattanooga and the event was Kiddie Kilter. :) A lot of the girls on our hall asked the guys on our brother hall... and we decided to go to Kilter as The Magic School Bus! YES! That was my favourite TV show as a kid, and I've always wanted to be Ms. Frizzle :)

So, Thursday night we took a quick trip down to a thrift store to find our outfits :)

Friday (Day of Kilter) Bethany curled my hair for me :) She did an amazing job!

I coloured Terri's hair :) She was an orange container of Play-Doh.

Janessa coloured Megan's hair. She was Thing 2.

And I coloured Will's hair. He was Thing 1.

Megan guarding her eyes from the blueness.

Thing 1 and Thing 2. :D

Janessa, me, and Damarise... Wanda, Ms. Frizzle, and Phoebe.

I love Megan! She is great!

Emily :D She went to Kilter as the Cookie Monster :)

Our group minus one. :) From left to right:
Tim, Carlos, Arnold, Ralphie, Wanda, Phoebe, Ms. Frizzle, Janet, Dorothy Ann, & Liz.

Some of the awesome Andreas Staff :) Caleb (RA), Joel (RD), Virginia (RA).

:D Field Trip! ;)

Damarise, Bethany (Powerpuff girl) and me :)

Woo hoo!!! It's a SCHOOL BUS!

Field trip to find dinosaurs.

Ewww! There was this HUGE frog!!!

Getting electrocuted. Ahhh!


Caleb and his amazing mask... yes, he made it!

:D I love them!!

With Micah! He was Spaceman Spiff from Calvin and Hobbes. :)

After we left the dance we went to Coldstone. It was great! We were all waiting at the cash register when all the employees came out and said, "It's the Magic School Bus!!" hahaha. It was great! We talked with them about Magic School Bus, Covenant, Kilter, and churches around the area :) Then as we were leaving they all sang, "Ride on the Magic School Bus... beep beep." :)

We brought our ice cream to the riverside :)

And goofed off...

We also played a great game of ninja :D

And came back home around midnight :) But it was definitely a fun night and a fun break from studying :)

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