Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dentists and Packing

Dentists and Packing. I know, I know, a weird title for a post, but that describes my last two days. :) Yep, going to the dentist and packing. Not much else besides those two things. But why share about them? Well, because I had some thoughts about both topics, and thought I may as well share them on here... to whomever reads this :)

First off: Dentists. My summer has been booked with appointments for my teeth. Everything from my every-two-week appointment for my braces to my wisdom teeth getting pulled and now a check up to see if I had a cavity. Yesterday I was once again in the dentist's chair. This time to see if my tooth had a cavity. It did as well as the one next to it. Ugh! But I'm thankful that the dentist took care of them :) He had to numb one tooth because the cavity was so deep. Bummer. But the weird thing was after I got feeling back in mouth. The last few times I have been to a dentist they numb my mouth because they are pulling out teeth, so I was grateful to be able to feel all my teeth still in my mouth after the numbness wore away. :)
Since this summer was so full of dentists, orthodontists, and oral surgeons, I thought that maybe I would end my summer realizing (finally) why people would ever want to have a job dealing with people's mouths! So my observation: I still have absolutely no idea why anybody would ever want to spend the rest of their lives dealing with people's teeth. It's such a nasty job. But I'm grateful that there are people who do that job, because I certainly find it ... gross :)

The second point of my post: Packing. I'm not sure if you know, but somebody bought the house that our Uncle has been letting us live in. Right now, we don't have another home to move into, but our Grandma has graciously opened her house to us during this transition stage. So, we have begun something that I have come to see as a family tradition ... almost :) Yes, that would be packing. We've been packing and moving to a new location every since I was ten. It's exciting and it's life :) Packing up to move gives a great prospective that this earth is not our home. Our true home is in heaven. It's nice to have that mindset that none of this material stuff on earth matters because none of it will spend eternity with us. Every time we are back in the packing and moving process it's a good time for that reminder. :)

Well, I have been hiding out with my computer avoiding the packing process for a little too long now. Whoops. Back to packing! Until later... the once again packing and traveling banana :)

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