Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Wisdom Teeth Saga

It happened. I got my wisdom teeth pulled. It had to happen sometime this summer and when August 2nd dawned my wisdom teeth were gone.

I was pretty anxious about getting them pulled because I had heard all kinds of stories about the worst case scenarios. Not to mention that two days before my teeth were to be pulled I read online about how the procedure is done. Needless to say, by the time I was in the dentist's chair, I was nerve racked.

Now, unlike most people who get their wisdom teeth pulled (although recently I have heard of more people doing this) I was awake for the entire procedure. First they numbed my mouth with huge needles. The dentist who did this was amazing. He went as quick as he could and I felt as little pain as possible.

Then we waited 10 minutes for the numbing stuff to kick in. As soon as it was kicked in the dentist began to pull. He told me before he pulled them that the bottom one (I only got one of the bottom ones pulled due to another molar being gone) would have to be split in two before he could pull it out. I had gotten a tooth pulled before so I was expecting a long process of drilling, pulling, pushing, and shoving. But before I could even think about any of that the dentist was saying to the nurse, "Alright. Stitch." I could not believe that he had already pulled out the first wisdom tooth and was stitching it up. In fact I was so shocked that I sat up a little and said, "Wait. Did you just pull out that tooth?! It's already out??" He replied, "Yes. Now, lay back down and the other two will be out that quick as well."

I laid back down and sure enough each tooth took about 30 seconds to pull and then next thing I knew I was shaking his hand, saying thank you, and then waiting for five minutes to make sure my mouth wasn't bleeding too bad.

All in all, getting my wisdom teeth pulled was not a bad experience! I think the nerves before were the worst part ;). Now I am home with a swollen face. The dentist said that the wisdom teeth being pulled from the bottom jaw make the face swell. Since I only had one wisdom tooth pulled from the bottom jaw, only one half of my face is swollen. So, if you are wondering how I look, picture this: My face with chipmunk cheeks, but only on the left side :) It's like a lopsided chipmunk.

Anyways, for all of you who were praying for me as I got them pulled, thank you! The whole experience was much better than I was hoping for. And the pain isn't too bad either. As for any of you reading this who are having your wisdom teeth pulled any time soon, it's not that bad. You will swell, but that's about the worst of it :)

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