Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Vacation: Day 5-Buena Vista Rafting

Rafting! Dad convinced us that we should go rafting. So those of us who were fearful of rafting ended up rafting. :)

It was a three hour drive down to the rafting place.

We had to get a before picture :)

Oh, Andrew. :P

On the raft trip! :D We went on the family one and it was a blast. It wasn't white water rafting. We had a few fast and white water parts, a few slow parts, and lots AND lots of rocks! :D We had a blast. Our guide was great and made it fun and exciting. :)

After rafting we toured the town we were in. There were some great views.

Some fun mountains to climb.

Damarise loved all the beautiful scenery.

We hiked up to see a waterfall and saw beautiful scenery all along the way.

There were SO many birch trees too. It was gorgeous!

The sunset was pretty too. The clouds lit up in all sorts of colours, the mountains changed to different shades, and oh! How the heavens declare the glory of God!

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