Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Vacation: Day 4-Denver, Colorado

Monday we went to Colorado's capitol–Denver.

First we had to find a place to park. It took a while, but we eventually found a place.

Then we went to the capitol building. Apparently, this capitol building is a replica of the capitol building in D.C.

It was huge and gorgeous! The top was covered in gold. Real gold. It was pretty amazing.

Inside the capitol. It was beautiful!

The dome.

Old telephone booths :)

A replica of the capitol building made out of canned goods.

We went on the dome walk.

And saw some amazing views. Oh! Another interesting thing, that you can see in this picture, is the Colorado state flag. It makes sense to fly the state flag at the state capitol, but I've never seen so many state flag flown throughout the state. About every other house that flies a US flag has the Colorado flag too. It's cool :)

We saw this huge cathedral from the dome.

Sitting by the capitol building.

Sarah and I in Johnny Rockets.

Such happy ketchup :)

We then toured through downtown Denver.

Oh! this was SO cool! There were random pianos throughout the outdoor mall in Denver. They all worked and anyone could play them. It was SO cool! (If you wanna read more about the pianos, read here.)

We took one of the free busses back to the beginning of the mall :)

Andrew was entertained by this random building along the way with "spinny doors".

Such TALL buildings!

We visited this ritzy hotel. It was amazing.

Oh, Andrew!

The whole family is in the mirror :) Can you see us?

The chandeliers were beautiful!

A cute little house in the middle of a town with huge cement buildings.

Sitting down and deciding where to go next.


We visited the huge cathedral that we had seen while up in the capitol's dome. It had a HUGE organ!

Dinner time came and we went to, as Casa Bonita claims, the most exciting restaurant in the world. :) It was fun.


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