Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Vacation: Day 6-Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs. So much to do, so little time. :) Colorado Springs was a pretty fun city and made for a great day!

We started the day off by visiting the Air Force Academy.

We visited the chapel on the Air Force Academy base. The architecture of the chapel was astounding!

The colours, the design, everything was so creative.

And I thought the organ from the cathedral in Denver was huge, this organ seemed a whole lot bigger!

We met our friend from Covenant, Susanna, for lunch in the Garden of the Gods. It was fun catching up with her.

:D So fun!

Then we went to the USA Olympic Center. I love the olympics, so this was pretty cool! :)

Us and our Olympic strength :)

Six of us with our legs semi-spread out couldn't reach as far as an olympian JUMPED! Yes, jumped! Some olympian (didn't get his name) jumped 29.5 FEET! Incredible!

Haha, oh Sarah! :D

We're our own bobsled team :)

Waiting for the tour.

YAY! We won... something!

The Olympic flag, Colorado flag, and US flag :)

The olympic rings. :D So cool. We didn't see anyone famous (or at least anyone we had heard of) but it was still cool to see where olympians train :)

After that we went back to The Garden of the Gods to see some of the beautiful rocks.

The red rocks were gorgeous!

Oh! What an amazing creator God is!

Holding up balanced rock :)

Ian and Andrew.

Leaving the park and ending a great day! :D

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