Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Vacation: Day 1-Drive through Kansas

Friday morning we packed up the car, said goodbye to Grandma, and hit the road for a family vacation. Not knowing when we'll all be back together for another family vacation, now seemed like the perfect time to have one. So, we did :)

We decided to vacation out in Colorado. It took us two days to get to Colorado. The first day was spent getting out of Missouri and traveling through Kansas.

While driving through Kansas we saw one of the Eight Wonders of Kansas. It was pretty cool :)

It was SO hot at the "eight wonder" spot that even snakes just shriveled up and died! Actually, I'm not sure what happened to this snake, but it was definitely hot outside.

The way God made these rock formations is just incredible!

After a day of driving we pulled into a tiny town in Kansas (Colby, Kansas to be exact) and tried to find a place to spend the night. Who'd a thunk that this tiny town in Kansas would be such a happening place, but just about every hotel was full. It was crazy! We finally found one room available in a Days Inn and had a good night's rest :)

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greenehouse2003 said...

It's a wonder that there are any wonders in Kansas...LOL