Friday, July 09, 2010

That's the President!

It all started Thursday morning. We went out to breakfast with Grandma and before we left I was looking at the newspaper and saw the President Obama was going to be in Kansas City. Well, how often is it that you can see a president, right? I figured that seeing him would probably not happen, but Airforce One was going to be kept at the airport and I've always wanted to see that :) So, after breakfast we drove over to the airport.

Damarise was our WONDERFUL driver :) Even through the rain.

We got to the airport and did not see Airforce One. All we saw was this big gray plane.
BIG gray plane off in the distance.

About 10 minutes after we left the airport we found out that Airforce One had landed. We were pretty bummed to miss out on that, but we knew that we would be close by the airport for a Bible study later that afternoon. So, we planned to swing by the airport after the Bible study to see if we could catch a glimpse of Airforce One.

Mom took over driving :)

We were on our way onto the highway heading to the airport when we realized that the entire road headed towards the airport was empty. So, we slowed down and looked behind us. What did we see?? First we saw two motorcycles with flashing lights.
The first of the motorcade.

Then we looked back and saw the President's motorcade!! That is one thing that I have always wanted to see and seriously never thought I would see. It was amazing!
It's all the cars at the end of the road!

There were over a dozen vehicles in the motorcade. The president was towards the front and then there were suburbans, vans, armored cars–all filled with secret service. It was... amazing!
The black limo in the front may be the President, but I think Mom said it's the second one.

We then decided to continue on to the airport to see Airforce One and we saw it taking off.
Airforce One! SOOO NEAT!

Yes! It was neat!
Damarise :)

AH! We were SO excited!
Me and Sarah

And away went Airforce One.
I think Airforce One is in the clouds somewhere.

On our way home still couldn't believe everything we had just seen! :D SO COOL!
Damarise, Me, and Sarah :)

After getting home, Damarise and I were talking about everything we had just seen. We saw the president and we were excited, how much more exciting will it be when Jesus comes back?! Oh! How exciting! He will come with a "motorcade" that will be a LOT more astounding and just His presence will be so great that joy seems like an inadequate word to describe it.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

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