Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Visit to our home away from home away from home...

Arkansas. Home away from home... some home at least :) Arkansas used to be home and every time we are back in the state it definitely feels like home again :)

Two weeks ago we took the trek down to Arkansas that way Mom and Dad could fly to Florida from there and we kids could hang out with friends. We all definitely had a grand time! Here's just a peek at all we did :)

The drive down. We got to see a rainbow! It was beautiful!

Damarise, Sarah and I stayed with the Bennetts (again, thank you SO much Bennetts!) We had a wonderful time with them.

Victoria and I picking strawberries one morning. Mmm, fresh strawberries are simply amazing!


We went over to the LaTour's for lunch and to say goodbye to Mom and Dad. Nineteen kids all together is a LOT!

We got to go swimming :)

This was just the beginning of a fun two weeks ahead of us :)

Awww, friends!

Hulling strawberries.

Saturday was a church picnic. Damarise and I tried out the kayak. It was a wee bit scary... feeling like I'm suddenly going to tip into the water just isn't my cup of tea.

:) feet

Victoria and Damarise. Wonderful friends!

Sarah and me hiding under a tree so that the sun couldn't get us.

Emily can french braid hair, and she does it amazingly well!

Hahaha... Damarise and me... I love my sis!

More kayaking... it looks like a kayak war.

I got to mow for the very first time! It was exciting and made me feel a little more comfortable behind the wheel of some vehicle.

Mmm a rice cake snack :)

Sarah got to mow for the first time too! Fun!

The Bennett's lovely house... (and their mowed grass ;) )

I love these girls!

French braid quintuplets.

Bike riding! A fun and exciting trail that was 14 miles long :)

The whole group who went the first time (we did it three different times :) )


The Bennett girls–amazing friends!

Again, all of Emily's amazing hair work :)

Sarah and Elizabeth... always making everyone laugh :)

Our Welcome Back to Arkansas signs that we made for Mom and Dad.

Welcome back to your goofy daughters too ;)

Damarise and Elizabeth made brownies :)

Having fun doing dishes! :D

Ah. A cup! Ricky Ticky Bear anyone? Or the Cup Game? :D Both loud and Fun!

We got to go swimming again at a pool with a diving board! FUN!

Michael's graceful dive. He tried to teach me... Ha ha! Let's just say that my cannonballing into the water was probably more graceful than my dive ;)

:D Friend, swimming, sunshine–sounds like a great summer to me!

All our legs...

The whole group minus Damarise.

YAY for swimming!

Damarise and Victoria.

Victoria and me right before we got tipped. ;)

I love this girl!

And Emily too! :D

Our last morning we decided to get up and watch the sunrise :) 5:45 we were up and out of the house.

Waiting for the sun to peek up above the hill.

Sitting and waiting :)

Some people just wanted to go back to bed ;)

Dirty feet from the walk.

The sky got pinker.

Then a tint of yellow.

Watching, waiting, and definitely in awe of what a great and creative God we serve!

Then the sun peeked up...

WOW! :D It was beautiful!

After the sun rose we all hiked back up to the house and went back to sleep :) hehe.

And then we left :( But we definitely had a great time! Thank you Bennetts for opening up your house to us! Thanks for the great food, the fun, the games, the laughs, and for making us feel like family for a few weeks! We loved it!

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Victoria said...

I'm so glad you guys could come stay with us. I had a blast!