Monday, June 14, 2010


I mentioned that I was going to begin blogging more regularly, instead of sporadic blog posts. So, I'm trying to get back into the whir of blogging with just a simply "here's-what's-been-going-on" post :)

Weeding one day :)

My brothers :) Great? YES!

He is SO buff ;)

Okk, this is seriously AMAZING! Sarah Ellen, my amazing little sister, is the most amazing artist! She can draw anything and I am just blown away by her pictures!

Friends in Arkansas asked Sarah if she could draw them. Sarah's just about done with the picture and I'd say it looks stunning! Sarah... you're a great artist!

Sheet music :) I'm trying to learn a new song on the piano (Cristofori's Dream. If you haven't heard it, you should!) But I can't read sheet music. Soo, I have to go through the pages and write the letters above every note :) It's the only way I can "read" sheet music :) And I'm SO excited to learn this song! :D

Not much else has been going on recently. We got to go to Christ Fellowship last night after being gone for two weeks. It was wonderful to be back with that body of believers! I am SO thankful for them. (I think I'll post more about some stuff that was shared in another post :) )

Anywho, that's about it for now :) I'm going to close and hopefully write again soon :D

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Anonymous said...

No kidding! So you mean I'm not the only one who writes all the note names in when I'm trying to sight read piano music? I do ok with the violin, but on the piano (especially the bass cleff) I have a lot of trouble.

We should have a note-name-inserting party sometime, or something . . . except that I don't sight read piano stuff all that often.