Monday, March 01, 2010

Done... for real!

Last week I got an email from my advisor advising ( ;) ) me that I needed to complete another hour of math to get my full math credit. I can't say I was happy about because, well, truth be told, I wasn't. I'm not a huge math fan, hence why my concentrations for middle grades are in History and Language Arts. Oh well, I thought to myself, one hour will pass quick enough and then I'll be done. I got a meeting set up with the math professor here and she met with me today at 5. Well, it was supposed to be 5, but I was sort of in the wrong room waiting, and when someone came and showed me where I was supposed to be, then we got down to the business of our meeting. She began by explaining to me everything I was required to do by Georgia state law. At least 24 lesson plans were due with loads of math problems, explanations and other stuff that my brain could not comprehend. If I could only use one word to describe my feelings in that moment it would be: Overwhelmed. Ms. Donaldson stopped talking and asked if I had any questions. My brain slowed down a bit to concentrate back on what she was saying. One question, oh! only one? I had a zillion whirring around in my brain, the main one being, "Why ME?!" But the question that popped out of my mouth was, "When is this due by?" She answered my question and continued talking. My brain finally connected back up with my mouth and spit out, "I'm sorry, I do have one other question. Why do I have to do all of this math when math is NOT one of my concentrations." Her face was the best ever! She looked at me and said, "You aren't a math concentration?! Then why in the WORLD are you on this list?! Ignore everything thing I said and get out of here! You do NOT have to do any of this!" Oh my heart was overjoyed, my brain cleared up and I felt like I was floating on clouds :)

So, yes! I really am DONE WITH MATH! YEAH!!! :D Party time! :D

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Anonymous said...

What a relief!

I don't like math either so I understand completely. Totally. Fully. Yippeeee!