Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pottery, the 80s and Barbie

That title pretty much wraps up my weekend up to this point. Weird and random stuff? Yes! I definitely agree. Perhaps I should go ahead and explain it.


For a hall event on Friday night we decided to go down the mountain to a cute little shop to paint pottery. Unfortunately not many girls wanted to go, so it ended up being me, my RA and my suitemate. But it was a blast nonetheless. I love painting pottery and, oh my goodness, I LOVED all the variety of colour choices. I love colours and it was a blast paining my mug loads of different bright colours. I'd post a picture, but it's not done yet :) We leave whatever we painted with the shop for a week and they fire it, or is it burn it, maybe cook it? Whatever it is they do, they'll make the paint look glassy basically and then I'll get my mug and definitely post a picture :)

The 80s

Ohh the 80s! :) Talk about an amazing Friday night. About 15 minutes after I came back from painting pottery I was once again on my way down the mountain in some 80s attire :) Headed where? Why to the skating rink! Yes, Friday night was 80's Skate Night and it was SOO much FUN! It didn't start til 11 and ended at 2 (yawn!) but it was a blast! Just a bunch of college students dressed in 80's attire, rollerskating around a rink to 80's music :) FUN!

And Barbie...

This was dinner tonight. :) Janessa, Bethany, Damarise and I were sitting at our table eating dinner tonight. Damarise had gotten a chicken breast that looked unseasoned and dry! She didn't even bother trying it and decided she would go find something else to eat. While she was looking for something else Bethany decided she'd try some of Damarise's chicken. Hahaha, she tried it and said, "EW! That is the most disgusting chicken I have ever tasted! It's like plastic." When Damarise came back Bethany told her she had tried some of Damarise's chicken. Damarise asked her if it was good. Bethany's response, "Oh no! It tasted like a Barbie! Like a Barbie's leg!!" HAHA! Eww... doesn't sound very good ;)

One last thought

I have really been enjoying my New Testament class! At first I wasn't sure if I would enjoy it much, it seemed way over my head. But now we are past the intertestament times and into the New Testament and I love it! I'm seeing so many new things that I just never really noticed before. One of the really cool things that we went over this past week was in the gospel of Mark. Throughout his gospel Mark is constantly pointing out the authority of Jesus. But another thing he points out is Jesus' compassion. It has just been really neat to study and perfect for this week! I'm so thankful that we serve a God who has all authority in and heaven and on earth and who is still compassionate and caring! What an awesome God we serve!

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