Monday, February 15, 2010


Sunday afternoon I sat down with my Intro to Literary Studies book and decided to write out my flash cards for an upcoming test. Actually, not to sound boastful, but I was pretty proud of myself. The test was on Friday and I was getting a head start on the studying. So, I sat down with my cards and decorated them up a bit (it also helped the definitions to stick in my mind when I had a picture attached to it :)) And then a friend who's in the same class walked by and I asked her what she was up to on this lovely day. Her reply: "Well, I'm studying for our test tomorrow." Me: "TOMORROW?!" Her: "You may want to check the syllabus..."

And this is where the title of this post comes into play. This entire semester I have been awful at checking my syllabuses. Once it bit me... I was late on a paper (fortunately the teacher was ok with it!) and then with last night's scare... I just figured the test would be on Friday. Yah, lesson number one: Don't figure! LOOK! I'm thanking God that I was working on the flashcards yesterday anyways, and today we have a snowday, so I have a bit more time to study :) But I hope I have learned my lesson... Look at the syllabus!


Andy said...

A Teacher says AMEN!

Janessa Chupp said...

Syllabi, my friend. Syllabi. Such as hippopotami, octopi, Hannai (plural of Hannah. Duh).