Saturday, February 13, 2010


February 12th 2010. Abraham Lincoln's 201st birthday. Covenant College again has half a day of classes due to snow. And Damarise's TWENTIETH birthday! Yes, yesterday Damarise graduated from the teen years and went into the twenties. Crazy! :)

Well, I couldn't let her birthday pass without some happy birthday decor :) So I decorated her door... and her bed :)

Yep! You've conquered those teen years :)

Ummm.... Mom and Dad wanted me to pick up Damarise a balloon... not a "blow-it-up-yourself" balloon, but a helium one. Sooo, I did pick one up... but I totally forgot to ask about having it filled! I didn't remember til I was half way up the mountain. Ohh well, Damarise just tacked it to the wall ;)

I wrote on the mirror too ;)

This morning I made Damarise her birthday breakfast/lunch/snack ;) I decided to make cinnamon rolls :) And how do I do that in a dorm room?

Well this dresser looked like this.....

Then I cleared it all off and made it my counter top :)

And used a can of hairspray as a rolling pin :) It worked! :D

Then we waited for them to rise...

Stuck them in the oven... and vwala...

Ooooo so good! :)

We were excited about them :)

Mmmmmm :)

Happy 20th birthday Damarise!


Damarise Turnbull said...

awww thanks so much Hannah for making my birthday so special! I'm SOOO thankful you can be here at college without me! Love you!!!!

Siân said...

You're so clever making those cinnamon rolls! Very creative.

Holly Dyck said...

Way to go Hannah on giving your sister the royal treatment! What wonderful memories she will have of her 20th birthday. (I love the door by the way!)