Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Trip out West: Lake Tahoe (Last Day)

Our last day in Lake Tahoe we decided to go on an easy hike with Aunt Penny, Uncle Don, Anna and Grandma.

Anna and I matched :) And it wasn't even planned!

Uncle Don, Aunt Penny and Anna :)

All three photographers.


We could've just sat there and enjoyed the view.

Aw, this was sad... the sign says to respect the trees....

But nobody did. :(

Anna and I. I have such a great cousin!

Damarise and Anna.

My spectacular siblings! I could've never asked for better ones!

Taylor creek. That was the creek that ran through this underground spot where you could see the fish underwater... if that makes sense.

Everyone looking at the creek.

The underwater part of the creek.


Is it an eagle?!?!

Which way!?!?

Awww what a great Uncle and Aunt I have!

Two photographers.

Um... yah... flowers taste... good?

The park had HUGE trees!

Oh it had statues too ;)


My gorgeous sister.

My adorable cousin.

Anna and I :)

Hehe :)

No, we're not tree huggers ;)

Grandma, Dad and Mom.

Anna showing Grandma her pictures :)

I have the greatest parents ever!

Aww Damarise and Grandma.

I have the bestest Grandma!

Grandma and her youngest son :)

Grandma and Mom.

Youngest cousins.


Um, yah, I was trying to be like Smokey.

Aunt Penny and Anna showing us where we were at.

The backseat buddies :)

Our driver.

And lunch :D Mmmm

Jack in the Box was good!

After lunch we stopped by a craft fair.

They had some adorable hats there!

And Anna got to do some arts and crafts. :)

Ta da!

What a fun and memorable last day in Lake Tahoe. :D

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