Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip out West: Homeward Bound

On our way back home we drove through the salt flats of Utah. And we just had to get out and touch the salt.

Looking across the salt covered ground. It looked like a barren waste land.

Oh, and it stunk!

Damarise pretended to lick the salt.

Then Dad got ahold of some of the salt...

And he really did lick it!

Yep! It's salt alright!

It's a weird feeling to walk all over salt.

Ok, this is just a fun picture :) I saw this coke bottle lying on the ground and just had to snap a picture of it :)

Ian smelled some of the salt... but he didn't try to eat it.

That night we spent the night in a hotel and then woke up bright and early the next morning.

Damarise still wanted to be asleep. Zzzz....

Others slept in the car.

We got out at a rest stop in Wyoming. It was gorgeous! Stunning rock mountains!

Andrew got to get out and stretch... and show off his buffness. :P

And smiles were spreading around on everyone's faces the closer we got to home. :)

We made it back Tuesday night! :D YEAH!

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